Fish Leather


Marlín Birna introduces a unique and new generation of cufflinks and pendants featuring genuine fish leather.

The exquisite fish leather is both extremely durable and supple, and during the highly-skilled tanning process it is transformed into the most vibrant array of colours, which highlight the fish scale properties patterns.

We select only the finest quality fish skins from the non-endangered wild salmon species, native to the Atlantic ocean, thus creating this magnificent fish leather.

The fish leather evolution is an eco-friendly by-product from the food processing factories. Rather than letting the discarded fish skins go to waste, the best are carefully selected, recycled and transformed into these unique exotic leathers. The fish leather is totally odourless due to the tanning process. After the fish leather has been dyed, the surface is specially coated to ensure durability. The distinctive repeat scale properties patterns are clearly identifiable.

Marlín Birna is delighted to share with you this most exciting and innovative leather featured in the stylish jewellery range. For whom some, can still not believe it originated from the humble fish in the sea!


The fish leather used is from Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar).

The species utilised for fish tanning is not an endangered species and is not included in the Washington Convention, nor on the CITES list (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species).