Welcome to Marlín Birna

Contemporary timeless elegance with a twist

Marlín Birna is a collection of exquisite handmade jewellery for both men and women. The collection is not only a contemporary compliment for day to day work wear or social engagements, but a series of versatile pieces, a perfect addition to any outfit. Shop the perfect style and make a statement with our unique pieces in silver, gold, rose-gold and black.

The collection is made with recycled Atlantic Salmon skin and Patex, a vegan alternative to leather. Piñatex is an innovative vegan material, made with recycled pineapple leaf fibres which are a by-product of the pineapple harvest. The unique Atlantic Salmon leather is an innovative eco-friendly by-product which has been transformed into strong and totally odourless leather due to the highly skilled tanning process. Every piece of Salmon leather beholds a pattern as individual as a fingerprint, hence the unique edge to the product.

Marlín Birna jewellery are handmade in England, branded to ensure authenticity and gift wrapped. We offer free UK delivery and ship worldwide.

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