About Marlín

Marlín Birna was born in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Raised by her devoted grandparents, who were both highly creative in their vocations of carpenter and seamstress, they embraced and encouraged Marlín's natural creative ability as a child.

In 1995, Marlín moved to London to study Fashion Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion.

This exciting experience for the young Icelandic, opened up a wealth of opportunity in the design industry where Marlín, in true entrepreneurial style, was able to unleash her creative, eye catching ideas and transfer those ideas into actual collections starting with her own label. An introduction to the creative team at Lancôme UK, resulted in Marlín being awarded best designer for the Lancôme UK, Department Store employees uniform, for 2 years in a row.

Marlín's highest profile client during that period was the famous Icelandic singer Björk. Marlín worked in collaboration with the artist as one of her preferred bespoke costumier for several award ceremonies, media engagements and video outfits during the late 90's.

Marlín went on to work in central London alongside the respected and renowned worldwide independent footwear designeMarta Jónsson.

Jewellery by Marlín Birna is her latest creative venture. Carving a niche and unique twist to creative cufflinks, pendants and bracelets designs, introducing the wonderful vibrant colours and textures of Atlantic Salmon leather and the innovative material, Piñatex, made from Pineapple Leaf Fibres.